Are you ready for spring?

I sure am! A Victoria winter may not seem like winter at all to our friends to the east of us, but it has been way more of a winter than any of us here were prepared for. We’ve had windstorms, power outages and SNOW! Our local schools had 3 snow days this year! Where I live we were snowed in for 2 full days. Well, it seemed like we were snowed in…in actual fact, just past the little hill out of the complex I live in the roads were just wet and very little snow actually stuck. Still, for a few days it seemed like the whole world was blanketed in fresh, fluffy white snow and it was nice to sit back and feel snowed in!

The weather is turning now. Today was sunny and warm. It wasn’t quite warm enough to see the “ladies lunching” crowd on the patio across the street at Vis a Vis, but it was definitely warmer than it has been.

This is a welcome change. Within just a matter of days the first of the new spring fashions will be arriving at Shabby Rabbit. It is always exciting when new merchandise arrives in the store. I know the shoppers are eager for it too because every day now someone pops in to inquire “anything new yet?” Soon. Very soon!

It is only fitting that the first new shipment will be from April Cornell. April Cornell is famous for her very beautiful florals and super feminine fashions. Expect to see these arriving in the store by Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Be sure to shop early to avoid disappointment!