We're Up and Running

It has long been my wish to open another location of Shabby Rabbit in Vancouver. We’ve been working hard for months…and extra hard over the last month to get our new shop ready for you. I am just so pleased with how the shop has turned out and am anxious to show it off to all of you.

Our new space is located at 3666 W 4th Ave in Vancouver - Kitsilano.

This space has its own story…just like each of you and Shabby Rabbit too!

60 years ago, Mr. Frank Dappen arrived in Vancouver from Switzerland. He was a skilled upholsterer and although he arrived, as many immigrants did, with not much more than his knowledge and a strong work ethic, he set out to build a business here in Canada. Mr. Dappen built the building that still stands at 3666 W. 4th Avenue. Over the years, he added on to the building as needed and built not only his business, but also a beautiful family which he raised here. Mr. Dappen was known and loved by the entire community. His daughter, Francesca, continued the business for several years after she lost her dad.

The marquee sign that marks “Modern Done Upholstery” is iconic. It will be staying put and we will be known as Shabby Rabbit Clothing in the Modern Done Upholstery Building. I think that what Mr. Dappen and his family built here needs to be honoured and I plan on doing just that!!!

When I came to view the property with a view to opening Shabby Rabbit here I was transported to a time where I spent my summers pulling staples and upholstery tacks out of furniture for my grandfather. He was an upholsterer too! Something felt just absolutely “home” about this space.

At times it felt as though this would not be our new home, but in the end, it all came together and I feel great here. I hope that if you have a chance to come into the shop you will enjoy the decor and atmosphere.

We’re carrying our fabulous and famous Magnolia Pearl line as well as the absolutely beautiful April Cornell line. Also in store will be Grizas, Meg By Design and so many others.